i am a fucking wonder

i hope you enjoy


second issue:)))

if you have yet to get it one can buy it


here are some additional inspirations & more in depth in regards to some things shared in this issue!

i need to share one more loves (page 15)  of violette:)

the magic world of

tasha tudor


one love i mentioned was lauren saxton

i interviewed her for our first issue


created a collage of her magic


i did include an art tutorial in encaustic mixed media (i shared this on my blog alice in wonderland here); and mentioned that if you'd like to know the way of image transfer, come here to this blog post:)

my teacher joanna mccormick taught me this

i photographed her notes


ut pva glue on top of your image. put it upsisde down on top o a thicker type of paper (a good ex. i water color paper), smooth it out and let the glue dry. it will take at least an hour. then bring with you a cup of water and put tiny amount of water on top of the backside of you image, then rub the paper of kindly and your image will now be in the reverse on your thick paper. this does not work with font, unless you use words spelled backwards.

please do email us if you have questions. not sure how clear i sound.