Issue 2 by The Faerie Tales of Violette

working on our 2nd issue, i am a fucking wonder! aren't we all:)? the title is inspired by a little story of the artist frida kahlo. for this issue there will be an editorial full of vivetta fall 16  wonders, interviews with the magic of dilka bear, paulina góra & simona candini plus some mermaid beauty. then there will be magic as created by my love lisa lily rose:) a faerie tale sort of bird diary. such uniqueness perfection!


wonders by vivetta:

dilka bear:

paulina góra:

simona candini:

a mermaid love

as photographed by martina olsson

styled by linda marina portman

these will be the front & back covers:)

i am too collaborating with the artist polina barskaya. she is to paint some of my faeries of the flower self-portraits i created last summer. i will too create some mixed media art with some of these images mixed with her water color paintings. can't wait to share all these wonders with you all. another fashion story will be showcasing all the girls i have worked with here in my garden wearing such prettiness.


alice solantania saga