we believe in angelic faerie tale magic

to celebrate the gift of life and all our unique stories

about us:

we (alice, linda & violette) are sisters & best friends whom grew up in a tiny town in sweden. during our childhood we lived for dancing, singing & performing. we put together circuses in the summers and created tiny tours where we sang to a little audience during the colder months of the year. it was later in our teenage years that we understood the love of ours was that of story telling. to create characters based upon real lives together with the imaginative. linda moved to new york to get a degree in fashion marketing merchandising before landing a job at the new york times magazine and its fashion department where she stayed for 6 years.  alice moved to stockholm & started documenting obsessively her whole life through the help of the camera & started the blog alice in wonderland. violette has been focusing on her art and her love of ballet.  in 2009, the 3 of us moved to london. alice focusing on  fashion and fine art photography, linda on styling for various magazines & violette on her art. the beginning of 2014  we started to build the faerie tales of violette which is to celebrate life and its magic through story telling and beautiful characters. 

"that you are here - that life exists and identity,

that the powerful play goes on,

and you may contribute a verse."

- walt whitman, leaves of grass (1892)


violette amorina portman



alice solantania saga




linda marina portman



we love to collaborate with other creatives whom shares our aesthetic, values & believes. if you do. please send us a lovely message


alice, linda & violette